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Inaugurating and operating a business in today’s ever-changing environment can be challenging even

for the most seasoned business owner.  I offer solutions to help make businesses succeed by providing

hard-won experience and insight gained over three decades as an entrepreneur and CEO.  As a veteran

business developer, I help business owners and executives use their time more productively.  After all,

time is your most important asset.


Professional outsourcing:  The future of American small business...


My firm offers a complete range of business support services for companies including comprehensive

corporate communications, client relations and marketing programs as well as printing and website

management. We help clients harness the power of contemporary communications to gain and retain

clients and customers while consistently improving the bottom line.


A core component to our mission is the ability to provide years of experience in the areas of corporate

image and presence as well as overall brand management.  Words and images are powerful tools.

Carefully employed, such tools can be used to create positive emotions in the minds of buyers which

influence purchasing decisions.  Our work helps provide the foundation on which to build solid customer

relationships.  This in turn helps achieve what most consider the paramount goal of any truly successful

company; client and brand loyalty.


Please allow me the opportunity to contribute to your future.






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